BIZTECH provides a revolutionary way to lend within Jamaica, through its online platform.

With a minimum investment of J$30,000, your money earns competitive returns in our peer-to-peer loan market.

Genuine lenders seeking to lend to genuine borrowers

Open online account in minutes

lend in attractive loan projects at high returns

Build your own diversified high return portfolio

Why lend with BIZTECH ?

High Returns

We provide lenders an opportunity to lend as per their preference and earn returns up to 40%. lenders can extend credit to lower-risk classes as well as high-quality prime borrowers.

Screening and Verification

We are heavily data-driven and employ semi-automated risk assessment methods as well as nontraditional data points to screen and verify our borrowers. This allows for not only verification but also assessing credit risk before listing on our platform.

Facilitate processing and payments

Our role in all of this is to run the Peer-to-Peer Marketplace. We act as an intermediary so that the Borrowers and Lenders can keep their anonymity. And finally, we collect and distribute payments back to the Lenders on behalf of the Borrowers.

Directing capital to productive use and facilitating Growth

Idle funds can instead be lended as growth capital for Jamaica, real growth, rather than nominal value appreciation, can be created for Jamaica by helping people to solve their everyday financial problems and providing small businesses with the capital to grow. This can potentially drive the national economy forward and create growth and employment in the long run.

Create an lender Account

Build Portfolio

Documentation & Funding


1 # Create an lender Account
To start lending, individuals meeting our eligibility criteria should first create an lender Account by filling in a simple online form. They also need to submit the scan of self-attested copies of requisite documents.
2 # Eligibility Criteria Key Requirements
1. Jamaica resident
2. Have a valid bank account in Jamaica
3. Have a Tax Registration Number
3 # Documents Required
1. Tax Registration Number * Tax Registration Number (TRN) along with the amount you are investing.
2. Photograph valid picture identification (passport, driver’s license)
3. Permanent Address* Driving License
4. Current Address
4 # How to response
Biztech will make contact.
5 # The returns are great
Choose between our basic or premium package. Basic Package are manage by the management of BIZTECH team. In the basic package lenders funds are pooled similar to that of a unit trust and ‘chunks’ are used as loans for the borrowers. For the premium package, lenders can decide to use a portion of the money for the basic package and the other portion to decide who to lend to. Verified borrowers are listed on the P2P lending platform, lenders can see all the details about the borrowers before lending money to them. lenders have the option to lend small amounts to multiple borrowers to diversify their investments.


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