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Access to funding

Our lenders can provide you with funding where banks are unwilling or unable to do so. Based on our recent surveys over 50% of borrowers who use our platform were unable to get a loan from anywhere else.


Applications can typically be completed within a few hours or less, and do not involve a visit to a physical branch. Funds are then usually made available within less than one week, compared to two to three weeks for banks, or even more


- Finally, loan applications through our platform are often easier to obtain than bank credit. Fewer branch visits are required, and loan applications can be completed from borrowers preferred location. Typically, less paperwork is required as we are able to harness already available data.

Financial Education

Access our free financial education courses, resources and articles that will help you make better financial decisions, teach you how to increase your savings, help improve/ repair your credit score and become more resilient to economic shocks.

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1 # Create a Borrower Account
To borrow money, the first step is to create a Borrower Account for which an individual should meet the eligibility criteria for borrowers.
2 # Complete Application
Borrowers complete a 100% online application form. What you will need is a valid Jamaican Passport/ Drivers License or National ID, Bank Statement/ payslips and information on your assests and liabilities.
3 # Get Pre-Approved Rate
Borrower will complete a risk assessment which will determine the interest rate they receive. Persons with good risk profile will receive lower interest rates compared to those that have a bad risk profile.
The risk profile indicate to BIZTECH the possibility of you defaulting on your loan. Someone with good risk profile means they are less likely to default on their loans compared to a bad risk profile which means you are not likely to repay your loans.
4 # Verification of Borrowers Information
Here we will verify your identify, income and financial details. To verify your income we will assess your pay slips or bank statements for the past three months. We will also verify your financial details by looking at your financial assets and liability. This will help us determine how much you can comfortably afford to borrow. For this stage we will need to know:
  • All income sources
  • Asset (House, Car etc)
  • Liabilities ( Credit card, Outstanding loans)
  • Rent or mortage
5 # Communicate Loan Status
Within 48 hours an email/sms will be sent stating if you are approved or not.
6 # Receive Loan
Loans are then funded and distributed to your account.
7 # What are the key risks of being a borrower ?
Borrowing money may be seen as a quick fix to many of life’s financial challenges, Whiter it be buying a house, starting a business or covering emergency expenses. However careful thought is needed because the repayment may take years and you need to be sure that you can keep up with these repayments while still managing your expenses. This is because it easy to get into debt but much harder to get out of it. So you should consider:
  1. How much the loan will cost? (which is the principal and all the fees associated with it.)
  2. Can you afford to pay back?
  3. What are your loan options ?
  4. What happens if you cant repay your loan?


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